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We have been working on designing and developing a new state-of-the-art patent-pending machine that tops everything available on the market. We spared no expense at creating the ultimate all-in-one trainer that provides every workout and exercise imaginable. Meet, The Kahuna.


The Kahuna Trainer is a machine for those who seek the most optimized and heavy-duty machine money can buy. This is the only machine in Canada featuring 790lbs + of cast iron weight stacks, built-in pec fly with an adjustable seat, and 3.15" x 3.15" steel uprights that can withstand any punishment thrown its way.


The Kahuna Difference:


11 Gauge 3.15" x 3.15" Commercial Steel Uprights: 

There is a big difference between stainless steel and commercial steel uprights. Commercial steel can withstand almost triple the weight than stainless steel can withstand and provides much more stability for all attachments.


Built-in Pec fly with adjustable seat:

What's better than doing pec fly's than with the actual pec fly machine? The Kahuna comes with a built-in adjustable pec fly trainer at the back of the machine equipped with 264lbs of weight stacks at a 1:1 ratio. No need to use the bench as a seat comes built into the machine that can be adjusted to all heights.


Dozens of Attachments that are only seen on the Kahuna:  

The Kahuna comes equipped with all possible attachments. Monolift, J hooks, Spotter Arms, Hipthrust/Calf block, Ab dip bars, Nordics rollers, Lat pulldown seat, and the Leg extension and Leg curl attachment.


Unparalleled Smoothness with Aluminum Pulleys: 

Aluminum pulleys are the future of cable machines. Over 50 pulleys, all equipped with the latest technology in bearings and materials. These cables will provide you the smoothest experience known in the market.


Enhanced Weighted Counterbalanced Smith Bar: 

The included counterbalanced Smith bar enhances stability and control during exercises. For those who prefer a traditional barbell experience, the counterbalance can be removed, providing you with flexibility and customization options.


Over 1700lbs of pure steel: 

Over 1700lbs of commercial 10/11 gauge steel ensures you that this machine will last you a lifetime. Commercial upholstery covered with synthetic leather lasts 10x as long as foam rollers used by fellow competitors.

The Kahuna

C$6,999.00 Prix original
C$6,799.00Prix promotionnel
  • Specifications

    Dimensions: 95 x 86 x 86". 10 x 10' is recommend to fully utilize all attachments and features

    Weight Rating: 4000lbs +

    Super Heavy Duty Rectangular Steel 3mm Steel: The Kahuna is constructed from super heavy-duty rectangular steel with a thickness of 3mm (10/11 gauge). This robust frame provides exceptional stability and durability, ensuring the machine can handle even the most rigorous workouts.

    Commercial 11 gauge uprights: No stainless steel. No "residential steel". If you wouldn't see it at a gym, you won't see it on this machine. 80 x 80mm steel uprights are the most heavy-duty uprights that are available on the market

    Weight Stacks: 264lbs x 3. The side stacks are built on a 2:1 ratio while the back stack is a 1:1 ratio

    Attachments included:

    • J hooks
    • Spotter Arms
    • Ab dip bars
    • Monolift
    • Hipthrust/Calf block
    • Leg Extension and Leg Curl attachment
    • Lat pulldown seat
    • Steel D handles
    • Lat pulldown bar
    • V Handle