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Upgrade your home gym with the all-new Mr. Fury Compact Smith Machine. This affordable powerhouse combines the functionality of a Smith machine, a built-in lat machine, and various other features, making it an ideal addition to your fitness arsenal. Crafted from reinforced high-quality steel and boasting a maximum capacity of over 1500lbs, this compact machine is designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability.




Smith Machine: 

The Mr. Fury Compact Smith Machine is equipped with a versatile Smith machine, allowing you to perform a wide range of exercises with controlled movement and added safety. The Smith machine provides stability and support, making it ideal for squats, bench presses, and other compound exercises.


Pull-Up Bar: 

Strengthen your upper body with the built-in pull-up bar. This attachment allows you to target your back, shoulders, and arms, providing a challenging and effective workout.


Lat Machine with Low Pulley System: 

Experience the benefits of a lat machine with a low pulley system, right in the comfort of your own home. Perform lat pulldowns, cable rows, and other exercises to develop a strong and well-rounded back.


2 x Plate Pegs for Storage: 

Keep your weight plates organized and within easy reach with the two plate pegs provided. These pegs offer convenient storage solutions, ensuring your weights are always accessible during your training sessions.


Safety Catches for Smith Machine: 

The Mr. Fury Compact Smith Machine is equipped with safety catches for the Smith machine component. These safety catches provide an extra layer of security, allowing you to push your limits with confidence.


Dip Bars: 

Enhance your triceps and chest workouts with the included dip bars. Perform dips, knee raises, and other bodyweight exercises to target your upper body muscles effectively.

Mr. Fury Compact Smith Machine

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  • Specifications

    Dimensions: 54" Length x 74" Width x 84.5" Height: The Mr. Fury Compact Smith Machine is designed to optimize space in your home gym. With dimensions of 54" in length, 74" in width, and 84.5" in height, this compact machine offers functionality without sacrificing valuable floor space.

    Reinforced High-Quality Steel (50 x 100mm): Crafted from reinforced high-quality steel measuring 50 x 100mm, the Mr. Fury Compact Smith Machine ensures exceptional strength and durability. Its sturdy construction can withstand intense workouts and heavy loads, providing stability and reliability.

    Max Load: 1500lbs: With a maximum load capacity of over 1500lbs, the Mr. Fury Compact Smith Machine is built to handle your toughest training sessions. This impressive weight rating allows you to lift with confidence, knowing that the machine can support your fitness goals.

    Weight: 250lbs: The Mr. Fury Compact Smith Machine weighs 250lbs, striking a balance between stability and portability. Its sturdy construction contributes to its overall stability while allowing for ease of movement when necessary.