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Adjustable Dumbbells up to 90lbs with increments of 5lbs! Replace over 25 dumbbells with a set of this adjustable dumbbells and start working out for the New Year!

These dumbbells are perfect if you are looking to create a home gym and are limited on space. With these dumbbells, you can work every part of the body including back, legs, arms, and much more without needing 20 dumbbells! 

10lbs - 90lbs, increments of 5lbs.

Adjustable Dumbbells 90lbs Set

  • Specifications

    17.5" L x 9.5" W x 10" H
    44.4 x 24.2 x 25.3 cm

    Assembled Weight with Base
    92.3 lbs

    Warranty: Lifetime

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